We are so grateful for our wonderful 2017 sponsors!

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The Aerial Classroom has been presenting Circus Star USA since its founding in 2014. Established in 2005, The Aerial Classroom is one of the oldest and most reputable circus arts training facilities in Los Angeles. Many of our students have gone on to performance careers. We’ve also been featured on a number of news programs and television shows, such as CBS News, Good Morning America, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Bad Girls Club, Little Women LA, Wahlburgers, and more.


The Aerial Classroom is donating a silkii, permanent mount, and silks for the X-Pert pole donated by X-Pole.

The Aerial Classroom

Aerial Animals is a family-owned business in Golden, Colorado. We build each piece of equipment as if our own daughter was going to use it. We incorporate new materials and new features into aerial circus equipment to make them more usable, versatile, safe and fun! We specialize in fun-colored aerial straps and anything rope including AmSteel-reinforced cotton trapeze ropes. We design and manufacture a full range of aerial apparati including: aerial straps, trapezes, aerial rope, lyra and lyra bridles and ropes, themed aerial apparati, and pulley systems and other hardware.


Aerial Animals is donating a portable conditioning trapeze to one of the top three winners of Circus Star USA.  

Aerial Animals, Circus Star USA 2017 sponsor

Aerial Athletica: Friendly, Healthy, Fun. At Aerial Athletica, a warm welcoming atmosphere awaits anyone who wants aerial, pole, or cross-training fitness classes, those who wish to hone their skills, or professionals who just want a fun and friendly place to practice and train. Aerial Athletica’s staff is made of some of the best instructors in their field. All of the instructors are Cirque du Soleil and Le Reve performers, international champions, or seasoned professionals with years of experience and education. Aerial Athletica is the only facility in Las Vegas to offer X-Pole brand competition poles 14 feet in height and professionally rigged aerial points! Aerial Athletica is also the only aerial, pole, and fitness studio with a complete cross-training facility! No matter your goals or aspirations, you will train towards them with a supportive community backing you up!


Aerial Athletica is donating a 3-day unlimited vacation pass (value $175) to train at their facilities in Las Vegas for each of the top three winners of Circus Star USA.

Aerial Athletica Las Vegas
Dragonfly Brand USA, Circus Star USA 2017 sponsor

Dragonfly Brand USA  is a stylish line of premium quality aerial, Bikram hot yoga, pole dance and fitness clothing for a reasonable price. Dragonfly clothing is not just fashionable – it’s also perfect in design and function to give you ultimate freedom in movement, taking your practice and performance to the next level. Our designs are continuously tested in classes during the development. The construction of the cut is highly developed; the clothing doesn’t have any unnecessary seams, and it is created to correspond with the sweatiest workouts. We chose high-quality materials that can satisfy extreme requirements considering to intensive sweating and frequent washing. Even under these conditions, our clothes will retain the original flexibility, shape and color for a long time.


Dragonfly Brand USA is donating a $100 gift certificate to each of the top three winners of Circus Star USA 2017.

Fight or Flight Entertainment, led by Brett Copes, provides acrobatic, stunt and flying FX rigging as well as fabrication of custom props for acrobatics and stunts. A stuntman, ropes course administrator and theatre technician before acrobatic rigging and safety systems became his focus, Brett has rigged for stunts, circus and aerial productions for individual performers and troupes of all sizes in the US and internationally.


Fight or Flight Entertainment is donating a lyra to one of the top winners of Circus Star USA 2017.

Circus Star USA 2017 sponsor, Fight or Flight Entertainment

Spinnovation is a form of performance exercise. It’s as fun to learn as it is splendid and mesmerizing to watch. It is simple and beautiful. It is easy to do but holds an infinite capacity for movement and creativity. It is balance and agility. It is creative and progressive. It is innovative yet simple. Once you experience the flowing movement of the simple wheel, you will be spinnovated to another level of awareness. Sam Tribble of Spinnovation is donating a private lesson in the art of Cyr wheel to the top three winners of Circus Star USA 2017.

TrapezeRigging.com was started in 2003 by Trevor Boswell. Trevor has traveled across the globe during his 30-year career as a catcher on the flying trapeze. He won the “Silver Clown” in Monte Carlo and was one of a handful of catchers in the world to catch the almost impossible quadruple summersault, and all the tricks in between. He retired from catching in 2003 and turned to his other love: mechanical engineering. In the circus world he had become known for his original designs of indoor riggings and lighting systems and creating the world’s first indoor fireworks simulator.


TrapezeRigging.com is donating a halfmoon lyra to one of the top winners of Circus Star USA 2017.

TrapezeRigging.com, Circus Star USA 2017 sponsor
VER Sales, Circus Star USA sponsor

VER Sales is your complete source for rigging, chain, nicopress tools and sleeves, fall protection, turnkey engineered systems, custom cable assemblies, bungee cord, bungee assemblies, safety supplies, and much more. VER Sales works with many aerialists and circus riggers and carries a large line of aerial rigging, including carabiners, swivels, rigging plates and spreaders, span sets, slings, webbing, hand loops, pro performance pulleys, and much more.


VER Sales is donating rigging gear (including a pulley, two swivels, two carabiners, two 4′ span sets, two 6′ span sets, two figure 8s, and a black canvas bag to carry it all in) to one of the winners of Circus Star USA 2017.


X-Pole, the worldwide leader in pole and aerial fitness, is the #1 manufacturer of professional dance poles, the #1 in customer service, and the official pole of pole fitness.


X-Pole is donating a 45mm X-Pert pole to one of the winners of Circus Star USA 2017. 

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