Letter from the Circus Star USA team

What’s circus without a little drama?


Late Wednesday night, we noticed some unusual voting patterns in the poll results. We shut the poll down so we could analyze the voting data, and we have confirmed that voting was, indeed, compromised. To preserve the integrity of the competition and ensure that each performer gets a fair chance of moving on to the live event, we have decided to close public voting at this time and select the last two acts as follows.


The public gets two votes.

Your vote still counts! We were able to locate and eliminate the anomalies from the voting results, which will allow us to keep the legitimate votes from the public. The top two acts from public voting will each get one vote. Thank you to all the supporters who cast their votes for the acts!


The five Circus Star USA mentors each get two votes.

We have also asked the Circus Star USA talent mentors (former winners and finalists) to cast votes for their top two acts.


The two acts with the most votes earn a spot in the live competition.

We will combine with the public’s two votes with the mentors’ ten votes to determine the top two acts to move into the September competition. In the event of a tie, Circus Star USA will cast a vote to break the tie.


We believe this will be the fairest way to determine the top two acts for all the performers involved. We appreciate your support of Circus Star USA and your patience while we worked through this issue.


Please check back on May 15, 2018 when we will announce the top two acts that will make it to the live event on September 15, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA!


Step 1: watch the acts

Alex Luke, trapeze

Damara Tamzil, tissu

Gerardo and Spencer, aerial straps

Korinne Seitz, tissu

Lovica and Jesse, aerial atom

Stephanie Onia-Owyang, tissu

Step 2: vote for your favorite performer!