Circus Star USA 2018 performers, Ava and Sofia

Ava & Sofia

Circus Star USA 2018 performers: Duo trapeze

Current city: DeLand, Florida

Hometown: Orlando, FL (Ava), Philadelphia, PA (Sofia)

Age: 12 + 15

Ava: duo trapeze, aerial frame, hoop, silk, straps, hammock, trampoline/tramp wall, hand balancing, partner acro, tumbling
Sofia: duo trapeze, corde lisse, silk, lyra, trampoline/tramp wall, flying trapeze, teeterboard

Style: traditional circus

Current training studio: Volusia Circus Academy

Ava & Sofia’s story

A newly-formed trapeze duo, Ava, 12, and Sofia, 15, debuted their act with a first-place finish at the Vivafest international festival in Las Vegas in February, training with Volusia Circus Academy of DeLand, Florida. While their duo act is just beginning, both girls have a diverse background in circus arts and in solo performing.  


Ava’s background in artistic gymnastics gave her a strong foundation to switch to circus arts training in 2016. In addition to duo trapeze, she enjoys hoop, hammock, and handbalancing and is developing her straps and hand-to-hand skills. In addition to her time at Volusia Circus Academy, she has had the opportunity to train and perform with Antigravity Orlando, Le PeTiT CiRqUe in Los Angeles, and Circus Smirkus in Vermont.


Sofia’s aerial arts journey began in 2010. She has spent the past eight years finetuning her craft, having participated in various festivals, workshops, and performances throughout the country. If you’ve seen her in the air, you know you’re watching a star! Sofia’s acrobatics repertoire spans many disciplines including rhythmic gymnastics, acro, dance, contortion, aerial rope, silks, and duo trapeze. Her training includes working with The Muse in Brooklyn, École nationale de cirque, Circus Smirkus, NECCA, and aerial instructors Niff Nicholls and Jackie Zalewski. Last year, Sofia’s training brought her to London’s Gravity Circus Professional training program, where she specialized in corde lisse (aerial rope). 

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