Camille Osborne, Circus Star USA 2017 performer

Camille Osborne

Circus Star USA 2017 performer: Dance trapeze

Current city: Ventura, CA

Age: 15

Skills: dance trapeze, lyra, rope, silks, and porting

Style: flexibility, strength, fluidity

Training: The Aerial Studio



The Aerial Studio, sponsoring Camille Osborne, Circus Star USA 2017

Camille’s story

Camille Osborne has been training in circus arts for five years. Before starting aerial, she trained in classical ballet since the age of four. Summers were for ballet intensives such as Joffrey Ballet and Marat Daukayev, and she performed in many shows, leading to her love of performing.


One day after school, one of her friends asked if she wanted to try aerial; Camille fell in love with it instantly. Her pointe work, strict discipline, and body alignment were tremendous assets to her aerial work. She also felt that aerial arts let her express herself more freely.


Camille has also discovered a passion for competition. At the VIVA Fest competition in Las Vegas in 2017, she won her age group and also won the overall best student award.


Camille recently began training in Tai Kwon Do. Martial arts have given her more strength and stamina, which has helped her in the aerial arts. Camille just earned her green belt and aims to obtain a black belt.

Watch a clip from Camille’s dance trapeze audition video

Camille Osborne, Circus Star USA 2017 performer

Sponsor: The Aerial Studio

The Aerial Studio, sponsoring Camille Osborne, Circus Star USA 2017

“We don’t look for the next amazing performer.
We create them!”



​The Aerial Studio is proud to support our talented student and Circus Star USA performer Camille Osborne. Training hard with us for 7 years, she shines bright on and off stage.​


The Aerial Studio is a world-class ​production company and aerial arts​ training center,​ including ​​training in all aerial apparatus, ​trampoline​, ​​p​arkour, ​dance, and theater. The Aerial Studio is also the world headquarters for AIReal Yoga™​. The studio was established in Ventura, California in 2010.

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