Ashley + Steven, Circus Star 2016 performers

Ashley + Steven

Circus Star USA 2016 third-place winner:
Static trapeze

Current city: San Diego, California

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois + Macomb, Michigan

Age: 33 + 30

Skills: duo and static trapeze, aerial net, contortion, aerial cube, duo silks, hammock, spansets, lyra

Style: dark, mysterious, powerful

Current training studio: San Diego Circus Center, San Diego United, Aerial Revolution


Ashley + Steven’s story

Ashley and Steven met at a duo trapeze class at Aerial Revolution in San Diego two years ago. From their first performance together, they realized their goals and passion for the circus arts were similar. A natural partnership was formed.


Ashley first came to train in circus arts after being inspired by Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam, specifically the silk contortion act. The performers’ ease and grace opened her eyes to a new world she knew she had to experience. For Steven, it was at The Absinthe at Spiegelworld show in Miami. The trio act on Russian Bar was beyond anything he had imagined possible. He was instantly mesmerized by their performance and feat of physical strength.


Both Ashley and Steven are accomplished athletes. Ashley is a U.S. synchronized ice skating national champion and two-time national medalist who qualified to represent Team USA in international competition with elite Chicago Jazz Synchronized Skating Teams. She’s also an accomplished equestrian, climber, and dancer. Steven is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and behavior change specialist who runs his own personal training business.


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Watch Ashley + Steven’s Circus Star USA 2016 performance

Ashley + Steven, Circus Star USA 2016 performers

Watch Ashley + Steven’s audition video

Ashley + Steven, Circus Star 2016 performers
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