Nani Pacal, Circus Star 2016

Nani Pacal

Circus Star USA 2016 performer: Contortion

Current city: Sacramento, California

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Age: 29

Skills: contortion, juggling, flying trapeze, trampoline, lyra

Style: innovative, fluid, powerful

Current training studio: Kinetic Arts, Trapeze Arts


Nani’s story

Nani Pacal has studied multiple styles of dance internationally for the past decade. She is the co-director of the award-winning fusion dance troupe Omi Mahina and earned her degree in dance and movement from Prescott College. Nani has been studying contortion, flying trapeze, lyra and juggling for the past three years and has been developing her act on her contortion apparatus for the past two years.


Nani has always been in awe of the world of circus – thanks in large part to her father’s enthusiasm for the circus arts and how he raised Nani and her sister – but it wasn’t until her dance partner brought her to a contortion class three years ago that she realized that becoming a circus artist herself was actually an option. She is grateful to have come into this wonderful community of artists and is continuously inspired and amazed by both the talent and kindness of the circus community.


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Watch Nani perform on her contortion apparatus at Circus Star USA

Nani Pacal, Circus Star USA 2016

Watch Nani’s audition

Nani Pacal, Circus Star USA 2016
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