Staza Stone, mobi, Circus Star 2016 performer

Staza Stone

Circus Star USA 2016 performer: Mobi

Current city: Denver, Colorado

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Age: 29

Skills: aerial generalist, stilt walking, hula hoop, fire performance, clowning

Style: surreal, inventive, moody, comedic

Training: MOTH Circus


Staza’s story

Staza started seriously training circus arts three years ago with Frequent Flyers Productions in Boulder, Colorado. She has been performing for two years.


Staza always wanted to be a performer. She grew up taking dance and singing lessons and performing in musicals and recitals. As a child, she dreamed of being a famous singer on Broadway until realizing she might be a little tone deaf. When she graduated from college in 2010, she was unsure of the next step. Staza had always loved to hula hoop because of the flowing feeling of freedom it gave her. She still had the urge inside her from childhood to be on stage, but was struggling to find the right outlet. It took her a few years after this, trying different jobs and careers, to find her path. She finally discovered circus, and when she did she knew it was the answer she had been looking for her entire life. She tried a class on a whim, and it changed everything. This year, she was able to transition into being a full-time performer.


Staza’s style ebbs and flows and is in a constant state of change. She loves creating comedic performance as it comes more naturally to her, but recently has been diving into the more abstract, strange, and emotional. She is interested in the use of inventive play to take people to a place and time they did not know existed, and she is passionate about using aerial dance as a tool to unlock the imagination.


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Watch Staza perform on Mobi at Circus Star USA 2016

Staza Stone, mobi, Circus Star USA 2016 performer

Watch Staza’s audition video

Staza Stone, mobi, Circus Star USA 2016 performer
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