Zoë Irvine, Circus Star 2016 performer

Zoë Irvine

Circus Star USA 2016 finalist: Static trapeze

Current city: San Diego, California

Hometown: Monterey, CA

Age: 33

Skills: static and dance trapeze, aerial hoop, aerial fabric, flexibility, dance, stilt-walking

Style: intentionality, contrast, vulnerability

Current training studio: École Léotard with coach Rachel Walker, Aerial Revolution


Zoë’s story

Zoë was first introduced to circus arts six years ago. She has been performing, training, and teaching in a professional capacity for the past two years.


Growing up, Zoë was trained in music, dance, and theater. It was at a friend’s bachelorette party that she was first introduced to circus arts, and a hobby quickly became a passion. In circus, she has found a discipline that melds her passion for creative artistry, physical challenge, and the thrill of the stage.


As a circus artist, Zoë is a performer with Astraeus Aerial Dance Company, which recently won “Outstanding World Premiere Performance” at the 2016 San Diego Fringe Festival for the show “MYTHOS: Opening Pandora’s Box”. In 2015, she performed dance trapeze at the Montréal Complètement Cirque, an annual international circus festival, and in 2014 she was the static trapeze finalist for the Denver Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival.


Prior to her circus career, Zoë worked for almost five years as a research associate for the University of California, San Diego. Currently, she is a board member of the Circus Collective of San Diego, a collaborative circus group dedicated to creating original circus theater, and she volunteers for the national non-profit foundation Circus Now as a member of the Women & Circus team.


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Watch Zoë perform on trapeze at Circus Star USA 2016

Zoë Irvine, Circus Star USA 2016 performer

Watch Zoë’s audition video

Zoë Irvine, Circus Star USA 2016 performer
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