Circus Star USA 2018 performer, Richard Cameron Morneau

Richard Cameron Morneau

Circus Star USA 2018 performer: Aerial ladder

Current city: Québec, Canada

Age: 36

Skills: aerial ladder, aerial silk, aerial hoop, rope, slack rope, trapeze, pole fitness

Style: poetic, dreamlike, creative

Current training studio: École de cirque de Québec

Richard’s story

When Richard Cameron Morneau saw the Cirque du Soleil show, Quidam, he was inspired to start learning and performing circus. Richard began his journey into circus arts in 2002 after spending years training and performing as a dancer. His past life in dance gave him a great foundation, full of beautiful lines to complement his strength and flexibility as an aerialist.


Richard currently trains at École de cirque de Québec and has studied a variety of circus apparatuses such as aerial ladder, silks, hoop, rope, slack rope, trapeze, and pole fitness. Richard has performed in a number of shows and events for Cirque du Soleil, Friedrichsbau Variété cabaret in Germany, Cirque Starlight Production in Switzerland, Amos Daragon in Canada, and more. He loves to keep his circus style light, yet full of emotion when performing for an audience.


When not entertaining as a circus artist, you will find Richard acting and designing makeup.  

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