Rebecca Chen

Circus Star USA 2017 performer: Lyra

Current city: New Orleans, Louisiana

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Age: 25

Skills: lyra, dance trapeze, contortion, acrobatics

Style: a little moody, a bit creepy, and very spinny

Training: Aerial Warehouse, Jagged Vertical, The Loft


Rebecca’s story

Rebecca Chen is a Los Angeles native with a fondness for organic juice and angsty hair thrashing. She performs on aerial hoop and dance trapeze and has been described as “a spinning vortex of edgy power.”


Rebecca has come a long way from working the school monkey bars. She practiced gymnastics and ballet as a kid, but was pretty average (her words!) and never progressed seriously in either discipline. As an adult, she couldn’t stop feeling drawn to movement and the idea of flight. After taking her first aerial class on a whim, Rebecca fell in love with the sense of freedom she found spinning on the hoop. She’s inspired by her teachers and training buddies, and is consistently awed by the circus community’s collective talent and determination.


When not spinning in the air, Rebecca teaches fifth grade science and Mandarin and tries to incorporate a bit of meditation into each school day. She also practices yoga and loves being outdoors, whether skiing, scuba diving, or just relaxing at the beach. She hopes to enchant her audience through the art of dancing in the air. (We have no doubt she will!)


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Watch a clip from Rebecca’s lyra audition video

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