Teresa Shogren, Circus Star USA 2017 performer

Teresa Shogren

Circus Star USA 2017 performer: Lyra contortion

Current city: San Diego, California

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, California

Age: 21

Skills: aerial hoop (lyra), aerial silks, contortion, hand balancing, floor acrobatics

Style: powerful, innovative, artistic

Training: Aerial Revolution


Teresa’s story

Teresa has been performing circus arts for four-and-a-half years though her fascination with entertainment began as early as the second grade. She wrote full plays, held auditions and practices, then performed in front of the other classes. It was a performance of Le Reve – The Dream that first sparked her interest in aerial arts. Aerialists Elena Gatilova and Sabrina Aganier inspired her love for lyra by showing her what was possible on it.


In addition to performing, Teresa teaches aerials, flexibility, and acro. She also trains in yoga and dance, which helps with her circus skills.


According to Teresa, being a competitor in Circus Star USA 2017 will give her an opportunity to push her limits to create an amazing aerial act with a strict deadline. It is also important to her to share her passion and network with an even larger audience and judges.


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Watch a clip from Teresa’s lyra contortion audition video

Teresa Shogren, Circus Star USA 2017 performer
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